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Rodi ah

2019-11-18 05:03:25 | Profile
An old Man Of The Atom comic send me here.

Andre Guido

2019-11-06 13:25:14 | Profile
We sang this in my chorus at school and preformed it at something called AYV (American Young Voices.)

conner hood

2019-10-27 09:42:13 | Profile
How the heck did a bluebird nightlight kill Jason and the Argonauts?

Savannah McCoy

2019-10-25 00:06:42 | Profile
Who watches over you?

Sarcastic Stamos

2019-10-24 11:28:03 | Profile

Jordin Martinez

2019-10-22 23:40:18 | Profile
is it 1870? 1930? 1970? or 1990? 2000? 2020? a-lot technology implied different era all the same thing the one thing that not shown the 1980-90 version of that ie the computer.....what is a vaccume tube in 1870 lightbulb 1930radio in the 30s to 70s they replaced by transistors in electronic which gave rise to computers everywhere in 1990 thru now......the video say transitor with vaccutubes and outlets....what is a black box? a blue bird by in the outlet in corner is a odd term because there both box in the wall and plug spot...a black box connects it type of computer....what wire tapping in the 1980s? also odd term as means alot of things as there alot of types of wires....

Siyabonga bantom

2019-10-22 16:49:17 | Profile
Very catchy, thanks to LittleKuriboh.


2019-10-22 05:50:04 | Profile
Many drugs were used in the making of this music video

Ryan Cavanaugh

2019-10-16 11:04:30 | Profile
I have never heard this song before. I was just shopping for groceries in the Co op and I was extremely stressed out from work, I heard this song and it made me less stressed. I am now listening to it again. That is all I have to say on the matter

Ellyn Craig

2019-10-07 04:17:48 | Profile
I just came here because google assistant sent me here in random

sompat khomkaew

2019-10-05 23:41:27 | Profile
Is the new iPhone commercial a knock off of this song ?