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1 Merle Haggard & The Strangers - Okie From Muskogee 256 02:47



2019-11-14 13:03:06 | Profile
the best country music for ever!

Urmas Repinski

2019-11-11 07:30:22 | Profile
Omg that’s pure. The best ever.

fora comunismo

2019-11-11 00:49:27 | Profile
Country at its Best RIP Merle

It's Dara G

2019-11-10 10:17:15 | Profile
He has a voice country lovers want to hear. Jackie

Brian Tuohy

2019-11-04 22:02:40 | Profile
best music in the world. I miss u god bless u and family

mariedel repollo

2019-11-03 19:28:12 | Profile
totally magical love merle love this song a legend


2019-11-02 05:22:03 | Profile
Merle will be missed so so much! I grew up singing these songs with my Dad, out on the back poech, while supper was cooking! Favorite memory!

Christian Tong

2019-11-01 11:40:19 | Profile
I absolutely love him as I inherited it from my Momma LuAnn. She passed in 1997 but she loved Merle so much!!! He is the true meaning of COUNTRY MUSIC.

Dominic DiGeronimo

2019-10-31 00:23:06 | Profile
Never be any one to fill Merle shoes.. his son’s are good.. but you can’t be Merle.. RIP my Hero.