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2019-11-19 05:40:09 | Profile
The man was just a genius, God rest his soul.

Amelia Latham

2019-11-12 22:32:04 | Profile
I’m over 40, a music addict for my entire life, and a musician, but somehow the universe has been cruel to me for not allowing me to hear the golden voice and brilliant words of Gil Scott-Heron till today. Maybe the universe has now somehow made peace with me...


2019-10-04 04:07:21 | Profile
Tell your friends by the weeknd Has a similar intro to this, listen closely

Aubourg Sandra

2019-09-28 06:06:13 | Profile
Man, this is GOOD STUFF.

Vračarić Stefan

2019-09-26 14:55:06 | Profile
Chilling this song is once its meaning is understood. How odd that today we rarely here such protest and tangible vitriole in our music. Perhaps its out there and Im not looking in the right spot.

Jacob Leiter

2019-09-25 11:11:53 | Profile
This goes to my brown skin ladies

John Mckay

2019-09-18 11:55:58 | Profile
Three one three til I die

Polaris Nova

2019-09-09 02:46:35 | Profile
The most insitful brilliant song writer ever!