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Yuaniza Esterani

2019-11-15 12:58:02 | Profile
Remind anyone of Thomas Cook outrage? Tell it like it is Christy.

fram smith

2019-11-13 12:44:28 | Profile
Thanks for the upload, the message of the song is timeless

Vickie Brooks

2019-11-13 01:25:36 | Profile
cant afford the rent...….

Kathryn Fisher

2019-11-08 22:11:57 | Profile
Is that other Bloke on the Guitar James Wade the Darts player ?

Henry Andersson

2019-11-05 17:09:38 | Profile
Always used to think this was about a Northern Derry man


2019-10-29 06:14:28 | Profile
If this is about Addoms it would be nice to see his bank account today your as bad as the grasses that put a lot ov our men


2019-10-22 02:58:06 | Profile
The irony of this song today is, this song is about thatcher. Labour was the working mans party, oh how times are changing. I think the miners would be ashamed now!!!

Nico 14

2019-10-19 22:42:49 | Profile
Wow, this is a masterpiece - a true legend, Ireland once again making me so proud it hurts.

Thugger Thug

2019-10-10 07:59:36 | Profile
The lead guitarist his guitar is really nice like the fretboard on it and great sound .I think they are medium heavy strings not certain tho.

B Brunson

2019-10-05 21:09:02 | Profile
comment on the protestant comment north south east west its all ireland he be good no matter where you are from or what you believe


2019-09-25 01:22:15 | Profile
I’m an Irishman from the maiden city Belfast and this song resonates as a loyal worker was shafted by the Bastards in power who kept there jobs and shit on the workers from a large height. Fuck yous all I made it