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Jürgen Braun

2019-11-13 16:04:59 | Profile
Marlon.. have informed me of Simon James...II know Nick and Greg..and first cd was Back on the case...there is no bad track... playing for time....omg...its great on the live from st lucia with miles on steel...

Zandra Watson

2019-11-10 18:29:20 | Profile
My all-time favorites from Acoustic Alchemy. Brings me to a specific time in my life. Chicago. Summer 0f 1999. Blue skies. Cool nights. Love was all around.

Robin Paterson

2019-02-20 17:16:56 | Profile
AA - they are purely wonderful - magical music!!


2019-02-05 22:53:29 | Profile
For My Bella Dasha...listen and dance for me))


2019-01-19 13:55:27 | Profile
In another time and another place I hope to thank Nick Webb for this song.

Johana Holguin

2018-11-14 01:39:19 | Profile
Acoustic Alchemy - The Stone Circle ------ WONDERFUL RELAXING MUSIC YEP!

Unkle MeatHeart

2018-10-14 21:18:47 | Profile
Picking a favorite song and/or album from AAs like trying to decide who your favorite child is.

Adelia Gushomoto

2018-10-13 13:24:01 | Profile
Whenever I listen to THE STONE CIRCLE this beautful classic it makes me appreciate AA even more I mean the longevity of this band is truly REMARKABLE


2018-10-04 18:34:43 | Profile
When this man Wants/Needs a good gentle tear-shedding to cleanse my spirit, I listen to STONE CIRCLE ... & ... SARAH VICTORIA


2018-09-13 06:10:42 | Profile
I saw Terry Disley (original member: Keyboardist) this past weekend and he was AWESOME!!!If you are in Half Moon Bay, CA. on a Thursday - Sunday afternoon/Evening he plays at the Miramar Beach Restaurant.

C Winegarden

2018-09-05 00:57:24 | Profile
I discovered this band in about 1988. Been a huge fan ever since. What amazes me about this band is that in spite of all the personnel changes, they continue to produce high quality compositions and arrangements 30 plus years out !!! They epitomize the phrase " only quality lasts " !!!


2018-09-03 18:07:26 | Profile
Have seen them numerous times, love them live and intimate...

Татьяна Гладкова

2018-08-29 03:35:55 | Profile
For you Jennifer :-)

Jenn Jenn

2018-08-26 01:51:19 | Profile
I really miss Nick - for me AA has never been the same. with Nick the music could always transport you to these wonderful places that you could visualize. God bless you Nick .